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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – As the Tri-State faces the possibility of hail, strong wind, and heavy rain; local businesses are making sure they’re ready.

Town & Country Ford in Evansville has plans in place in case bad weather comes through, but of course they’re hoping they’ll get lucky, and they won’t have to use them.

Spring is an important time of year for car dealerships. They see a big jump in traffic from people who have been cooped up all winter, and now they’re looking to enjoy the sunshine with some new wheels.

“Lot of customers looking out to buy a new car for the summer, whether it’s a Ford Bronco or a Mustang convertible,” said Town & Country Ford General Manager, Cory George. “We see a lot of increase in sales in that division right now.”

The problem is spring also means storms, and Town & Country Ford has about 300 new and used vehicles, the vast majority of which are kept outside.

Management says they have insurance in case of any storm damage, but it can be a long process to get repairs and have the cars ready for sale again.

They have to watch out for more than just the cars too. Recent storms caused a tear in their signature American flag, which had to be replaced.

They say they have ways to protect certain cars, but not all of them.

“With such a large inventory we do what we can with select pieces, and say a prayer,” said George.

Before the storms arrive, they plan to fill their service department with as many cars as will fit, prioritizing specialty and harder-to-get vehicles.

They say weather affects their business more than people would expect, and while this isn’t an ideal way to kick off the warmer months, they’re looking forward to a busy summer.

“It is touch-and-go,” said George. “We have a lot of events planned over the next couple months and hopefully the weather cooperates, but you never know, and we just have to roll with the punches and adjust if needed.”

Along with all that the dealership has done to make sure they know what to do in case any of the cars are damaged, of course the best-case scenario is that the bad weather just passes them by.

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