Chinese NEV to garner market share with design, quality, says Dutch auto dealer CEO – Macau Business

Gomes, a Dutch auto dealer boasting a nine-decade legacy, believes in the future of electrified mobility solutions. This conviction is exemplified by its recent venture into the electric vehicle market through a strategic partnership with the Chinese NEV brand, Voyah. Established in 1934 as a family business, Gomes has been an official dealer of Mercedes-Benz […]

Innovations in Customer Service: How Chevrolet Car Dealers Are Changing the Game –

As customer expectations continue to evolve, Chevrolet has remained at the forefront of redefining the automotive dealership experience. Recognizing the need for a more dynamic, interactive, and satisfying customer service model, Chevrolet dealerships, including those Chevrolet dealerships in Plattsburgh, NY, have embarked on innovative paths to enhance every aspect of customer interaction. This commitment to […]

Potential Westside Inn owners ask for Sullivan tax break | Local News – Kingsport Times News

KINGSPORT – The owners of a proposed car dealership to be placed on the current site of Westside Inn are asking Kingsport and Sullivan County for a tax break. Steven Bower, interim economic development director for the city of Kingsport, told the Sullivan County Commission that Friendship Enterprises, or Friendship Family of Dealerships, is asking […]

Main Character of the Week: The Mazda customer who discovered her car was taken home by a dealership worker – The Daily Dot

Main Character of the Week is a weekly column that tells you the most prominent “main character” online (good or bad). It runs on Fridays in the Daily Dot’s web_crawlr newsletter. If you want to get this column a day before we publish it, subscribe to web_crawlr, where you’ll get the daily scoop of internet culture […]

Brazil’s BV Bank tests car sales ahead of DREX CBDC pilot – CoinGeek

As Brazil moves toward its central bank digital currency (CBDC) rollout, BV Bank hasrecorded a new milestone in its experiments with the wholesale offering, DREX. BV Bank, one of Brazil’s leading commercial banks, has been probing the viability of delivery versus payment (DvP) settlements in automobile transactions. DvP involves the simultaneous transfer of documents linked to securities […]

GWM Ora to inspect condition of EV car batteries after crashes to cut waste – Car Dealer Magazine – Car Dealer Magazine

Chinese carmaker GWM Ora has launched an in-house EV battery inspection and evaluation programme to support aftersales teams and third-party repairers in the UK. The initiative involves the creation of a technical team to provide field-based assistance and offer manufacturer guidance on the status and repairability of EV batteries after a reported customer collision or […]

Used truck shoppers can get 3 reliable petrol models for under £8,000, driving expert says – Express

Kenny said: “There is no bad generation of engine or transmission in a Toyota Tundra.” However, the Tacoma is only available for new purchases in North America, so unless you experience luck and run into one at a used lot, the UK’s sister model to this truck is Toyota’s Hilux. While Kenny’s suggestions provide reliability, […]

‘Brilliant planning on the customer’s part’: Car salesman says customer ‘outsmarted’ dealership, Nissan with this tactic – The Daily Dot

According to a care salesperson, a customer got 20% off the price of their electric vehicle. Here’s how they did it. In a viral video, a local Nissan dealership explained how one of their customers “outsmarted” the dealership “and maybe even Nissan.” “Someone leased a car with no intention of making payments,” the text overlay […]

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