Auto IoT Platform

IoT Auto Tracking System
Manage your company’s cars and assets with Auto IoT using convenient and efficient IoT solutions. Auto tracking systems allow businesses to easily control and monitor their assets, routes, fuel consumption, etc. Having the necessary information about the state of assets affairs, responsible persons can make appropriate strategic decisions and improve the work of the links that need it.

Installing an auto tracking template allows drivers, managers, and staff to improve communication, increase efficiency, and maintain a high level of safety. Therefore, use IoT solutions in your enterprise and get the benefits now.

Fleet Tracking Structure
As part of this solution, we have created a dashboard that displays data from tracking sensors. This dashboard helps to monitor and control location, speed, and fuel level in real time. Our dashboard has multiple states – Main state and Bus state.

Main state contains an interactive map for monitoring the movement of transport, a list of existing buses with detailed information about them, and a table of Alarms. Bus state contains an interactive map of the history of the route, the current route area, detailed information about the bus, and corresponding alarms.

  • Collected data is processed via the rule engine to raise alarms when:
  • vehicle leaves configurable route perimeter.
  • the vehicle is not moving for 2 minutes while on the route.
  • fuel level is low.
  • violation of speed limits.

The interactive dashboard presents an intelligent visualization of IoT data that you can easily integrate into your IoT solution.

Fleet tracking dashboard
The interactive dashboard represents vehicle routes and state indicators that may be embedded in your IoT Auto tracking project.

The live Auto Tracking dashboard displays real-time data from several tracking sensors collected using Auto IoT MQTT API. Collected data is processed via the rule engine to raise alarms on certain thresholds. We can help you export the dashboard from our live demo server and import it to your Auto IoT instance.

Benefits of the Auto Tracking template
Save up to 90% of development time for your fleet tracking solution by utilizing the following platform benefits:

  • reliable and scalable data collection for your fleet tracking sensors.
  • powerful rule engine to process collected data and produce alarms and valuable insights.
  • advanced and flexible visualization for real-time and historical data.
  • customizable end-user dashboards to analyze and share the results of fleet tracking.
  • integration with third-party analytics frameworks and solutions for advanced analytics.
  • remote control and OTA updates for your tracking sensors and other devices.
  • customizable mobile applications with minimum coding efforts.

Of course, you may extend the list of alarms and completely customize the dashboard. Our team can support you to export the dashboard from our live demo server and import it to your Auto IoT instance. You may edit the route area widget and enable configuration of the route area for your local copy of the dashboard.

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