What are Some Common Injuries in Truck Accidents and Their Long-Term Consequences?

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Truck accidents can inflict some common injuries followed by long-term consequences to the victim, who deals with them throughout their life. This blog will discuss the injuries linked to truck accidents and what the victims go through. 

We will share only those injuries that might have a long-term impact on the victim’s life. So, let’s dig into the details to avoid them!

Common Injuries in Truck Accidents

Let’s talk about some common injuries that victims sustain in truck accidents:

Brain and Head Injuries

Because of the heavy impact of the vehicle truck, the collision can result in brain and head injuries. These injuries can vary from traumatic brain injuries to concussions. The symptoms include dizziness, headaches, memory loss, and trouble concentrating. In worse situations, victims may encounter coma or permanent cognitive impairment. 

Since the head and brain have been affected, apart from physical symptoms, victims might experience psychological and emotional effects. This also brings changes in personality, depression, and mood swings. 

Naturally, the long-term aftereffects of these injuries tend to impact the victim’s quality of life and reduce their ability to function normally. 

Injured Spinal Cord 

A truck accident can cause extreme damage to the spinal cord. It can make the victim paralyzed and lose sensation, quadriplegic or paraplegic, too. It depends on where you got hurt and the severity of your injury. 

Spinal cord injuries require extensive medical care, rehabilitation, and special life-long care. 

Not only paralysis injuries, but spinal cord injuries from a truck accident can also lead to secondary health problems. These can be in the form of bladder and bowel dysfunction, issues in breathing, and chronic pain. Such complications become a barrier in anyone’s life, stopping them from living normally. 

Back and Neck Injuries

Have you heard of Whiplash? That’s a common neck injury when the head gets jerked in moving back and forth during your collision with the truck. The forceful impact causes severe pain, limited mobility, and stiffness. Fracture and herniated discs can also show up due to back injuries and these require surgery and long-term physical therapy. 

The Long-Term Consequences of Common Injuries in Truck Accidents

Permanent Physical Disabilities

One of the long-term consequences of common injuries is permanent physical disabilities. Victims suffer from losing their ability to walk, perform daily duties, and engage in routine activities. 

Physical disabilities can significantly affect an individual’s quality of life and demand medical assistance. 

Chronic Pain

Many people who are victims of truck accidents suffer from chronic pain from the injuries of the incident. The pain can make the individual weak and lessen their overall productivity in life. In order to cure chronic pain, strategies like medication, physical therapy, and other alternatives are necessary. 

Psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, and hopelessness might also wake up through this, again impacting the person’s life. 

Emotional Suffering

Being a truck accident victim can be distressing. It sticks to the back of your mind, losing your ability to think clearly or straight. Gradually, you go into depression and feel anxious, and helpless. 

The trauma of the accident keeps giving you flashbacks and changes your personality, which distances you from your family as well. Here, the victim should seek emotional support and proper counseling to address and come out of these issues. 

The upsetting results in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), too, which requires professional medical attention. 

Employment and Career

Surviving a truck accident was better but can impact your employment and career opportunities. You don’t know the severity of injuries and how long it will take to recover; this will all prevent you from working, resulting in financial instability and loss of income. Your inability to work and find a new job will enhance your disturbed situation. 

This is it; we have given you major information regarding common injuries in truck accidents and their long-term consequences.

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