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GILLETTE, Wyo. — An out-of-state man was recently scammed out of $56,000 after reportedly attempting to purchase vehicles through a website claiming affiliation with a local business, Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds said Tuesday. 

The man, an 80-year-old Washington resident, called the sheriff’s office at 12:17 p.m. on March 25 to report the scam, stating he attempted to purchase two vehicles for $56,500 through a website for Wild West Enterprises, a local used car dealership on Bird Drive, Reynolds said. 

Per the report, the website’s contact information was formerly that of a Gillette attorney, and the man called the sheriff’s office after realizing he had been scammed. He was told to contact the fraud department at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

This is the second scam involving a website claiming affiliation with Wild West Enterprises. Earlier this month, the sheriff’s office was notified by the business owner that someone put up a fake website for her business on March 19 and that a man with a foreign accent answered the phone when she called a phone number listed on the website. 

At the time of the first report, the woman was told to file a report with the FBI and to notify her customers of the website. As of March 26, the woman has posted on social media warning her customers of the scam.

Per the social media post, the fake website lists “Barry Cole” as the sales manager and provides an address for the business at 5200 Lundock Court while the actual business is located on Bird Drive.

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