Used Tesla Cybertruck sells for double its retail price at auction

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Some online users have questioned the legality of this sale due to the electric auto giant’s resale clause, which could incur a reported $US50,000 for violating it.

A Tesla Cybertruck has been sold at an online auction for double its retail price, prompting some customers to question its legitimacy due to the electric auto giant’s controversial terms and conditions attached to the vehicle.

According to multiple overseas reports, the Tesla sold for $US244,500 ($AU375,359) – with the winning bid belonging to a US Porsche dealership.

While Tesla is yet to announce an official statement, some customers who are yet to receive their Cybertruck are calling for the legitimacy of the auctioned sale due to the electric auto giant’s resale clause, which prevents owners from selling the vehicle under the first year of ownership or risk a $US50,000 ($AU76,776) penalty.

Additionally, the resale clause stipulates a Cybertruck owner who wants to sell the vehicle for any unforeseen reason must inform Tesla “in writing” and the seller must give adequate time for the electric auto giant to purchase the vehicle back.

However, if Tesla decides to reject the purchase, a seller will still need written consent from the electric auto giant to sell the Cybertruck to a third party.

The auctioned Cybertruck Foundation Series variant is believed to only have 69 miles (111km) on its odometer – and has a starting retail price of $US100,000 ($AU153,811).

Per Drive reports – Tesla began its deliveries of the Cybertruck in December 2023, two years later than the intended delivery date and with 250km less range than originally promised.

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