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A MOTOR whizz revealed a FREE way to fix broken power switches for car windows – and anyone can do it.

The mind-blowing hack is so simple and only takes four to five seconds to complete.


Used car dealer Kenny explained how motorists can re-set the system with the flick of a buttonCredit: TikTok/kennycompcars
People hailed the useful trick in the comment section


People hailed the useful trick in the comment sectionCredit: TikTok/kennycompcars

The trick works for cars in which the windows do go up and down when operated by their direct switches, but not from the main driver’s control panel.

Used car dealer Kenny explained how motorists can re-set the system with the flick of a button.

Speaking in a helpful video posted on his TikTok, @kennycompcars, the car expert told his followers: “If you have a Toyota or Lexus and you have a power window that’s not working this could work.”

He demonstrated how his driver’s side window worked, and the passenger side but not the rear ones.

“In the back seat, the window motor does work,” he said as he was able to roll it down from the rear seat.

“What you wanna do to fix this with the front switch is reprogram the window,” explained Kenny.

“Roll it all the way down, and all the way back up, and then hold the button about four or five seconds.”

People hailed the useful trick in the comment section.

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One wrote:”Wow, never knew that thank you.”

“Learned something today,” said another.

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“That’s great, awesome,” agreed a third.

Someone else wrote: “Thank you for your free fixes.”

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