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Could you be sitting on a gold mine? In today’s episode of CBT Now, Sean Gardner, Instructor and Sales Trainer at the Joe Verde Group, joins us with four ways to find out if you’re sitting on a gold mine. 

Key Takeaways

1. Gardner emphasizes that improvement is the key to success in the game. You can use “easy math” to understand these four elements and discover the gold in your store. The first part is geared towards work ethic- If we came to work with a plan, got off our phones, and left the huddle ready to make a sale during the full nine-hour work day, then Gardner expresses that mentality could help you sell [x amount] more cars a month. 

2. The second part of it is navigated towards your attitude. In sales, having a positive, can-do, optimistic attitude is vital. According to Gardner, “Joe says maintaining a positive attitude is the heart of selling.” When a customer doesn’t have every part of the buying process with them, like the trade-in or decision maker, salespeople tend to take shortcuts. Instead, Gardener expresses that no matter what, salespeople should go through the four-part buying process, consisting of:

  • Like 
  • Listen 
  • Believe
  • Buy

3. The thing that keeps salespeople average is that they tend to justify their fault, which reflects their attitude. You have to truly believe your success is not up to the market but up to you. 

4. Then, number three is the presentation/demonstration, which complies with 80% of the decision-making process. If you didn’t pre-qualify, slowed yourself down a little, and gave everybody your very best presentation/demonstration, that could also help you sell an extra [your goal number] amount of cars every month. 

5. Finally, the last element is price. If you could handle price more effectively, whether on the lot or when you close, you could sell how many more cars a month. Gardner advises that for each number you wrote down in each category, identify your biggest number, then immediately start working on that to amplify your commission.

“Where you’re at is not nearly as important as where you’re headed.” – Sean Gardner.

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