Uber to launch Australia’s first fully electric national rideshare service

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Uber partners expand its Comfort Electric programme as it targets zero emissions by 2040.

Uber will introduce the first electric-only rideshare service in Australia when it launches Comfort Electric nationally.

From 12 January 2024, Uber One customers will be able to access the electric vehicle-only service through the Uber app, with a nationwide rollout for all Uber users on 29 January.

Comfort Electric – which started in California in May 2022 – was introduced in Australia late 2023 exclusively for Uber for Business customers. 

It’s the first zero-emission choice on the rideshare platform after Uber Green was introduced in Australia on 8 June 2023 as a low-emission version of UberX.

For the same journey price as UberX, Uber Green enables users to select an Uber ride exclusively using hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and battery electric cars.

Trip costs for Comfort Electric will match those of Comfort, yet Comfort Electric sees electric vehicles including Tesla, Polestar or the Ford Mustang Mach-E used for zero-emission Uber journeys.

Premier will remain the most expensive service on the Uber platform. 

The arrival of both Uber Green and Comfort Electric in Australia brings the number of cities around the world where the rideshare platform offers one of its zero-emissions options to more than 200.

The company says that its zero-emission trips saved 2.16 million litres of petrol/diesel in 2022 alone.

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Uber intends every ride globally to be carried out in a zero-emission vehicle by 2040 and says it’s actively encouraging its drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

In October 2023, Uber partnered with EVDirect – distributors of BYD in Australia – for multiple financing options for its drivers on as many as 10,000 BYD Atto 3 electric vehicles.

It also announced an expansion of its Service Fee Reduction scheme for drivers in Victoria from 1 November 2023.

Switching to an electric car before June 2025 will see Victorian drivers eligible to have their service fees reduced by as much as 50 per cent, which equates to up to $3500, Uber says.


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