Trademarks may hint at new electric Lexus RZ models

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Is Lexus about to expand its RZ electric SUV line-up with more powerful variants, or is the Japanese car maker merely protecting future model names?

The Lexus RZ450e electric SUV could be joined by variants with more power and potentially greater driving range.

Drive has unearthed Australian trademark applications from Lexus for the RZ500e and RZ550e, suggesting the RZ line-up is set to expand in the coming years.

The RZ450e comes standard in Australia with a 71.4kWh battery feeding electric motors driving each axle – 80kW up front and 150kW at the rear – for a combined output of 230kW, and delivering a claimed driving range of 470km.

While Lexus has yet to make any public announcements about an RZ500e or RZ550e, it’s possible the RZ500e could upgrade to dual 150kW electric motors for a combined output of 300kW.

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Though only speculation on Drive’s part at this stage, the RZ550e could also adopt the 300kW powertrain, while potentially fitting a larger battery pack for greater driving range.

In January 2023, Lexus showed off its RZ Sport Concept – an RZ featuring an aggressive wide body-kit, carbon-fibre extras, dual rear spoilers, and featuring dual 150kW electric motors.

However, it is also possible that Lexus has merely applied for the trademarks in order to protect the name from being used by a competitor, with RZ500e and RZ550e possibly destined for future generations of RZ models.


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