Toyota GR Corolla Rallying Looks Like a Blast

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The Toyota GR Corolla boasts an array of rally-inspired enhancements like all-wheel drive, flared fenders, and a turbocharged engine so you are encouraged to take it off the beaten path.

A recent video from the GR Panda YouTube channel showcases an owner’s adventurous exploit in a white GR Corolla tearing down a captivating dirt-covered forest road with impressive agility, accompanied by thrilling sideways maneuvers.

The channel notes obtaining permission from the local Forest Service outpost, allowing them to navigate through the picturesque scenery and deliver high-speed action reminiscent of actual stage rally speeds. The GR Corolla appears to handle the challenging terrain flawlessly.

It’s a spirited display, capturing the essence of this rally-inspired machine in action, and enthusiasts wouldn’t have it any other way.

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