These are the 10 worst new car deals in America

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Car shopping has been a frustrating experience over the last few years, with inventory shortages, inflated prices, and dealer markups becoming much more common than they once were. While the picture in early 2024 is slightly rosier than a year or two before, some models are still priced well above their MSRPs. Using TrueCar data, Consumer Reports compiled a list of the 10 worst new car dealsnew vehicles selling for the most above sticker price, and all of them are going for at least 7% over MSRP.

Trucks and SUVs dominated the list, but a few cars snuck into the mix. A couple of hybrids showed up, but there’s only one electric vehicle, which could be related to the volatile demand for EVs over the last year.

10 worst new car deals of 2024:

Paying more than sticker for a new car, no matter how desirable it is, is rarely a good idea, unless we’re talking about a super-limited performance car that’s in short supply with no end to buyer demand. That said, paying inflated prices is risky business because the cars still depreciate and could quickly lead the buyer into a significant “upside-down” loan situation.

If you’re set on buying one of the cars on this list or any other model with an inflated price, you might have better luck by expanding your shopping search radius. Consumer Reports noted that pricing varies based on location, so a vehicle that commands a premium in one market might not be such a hot commodity in another. You might need to ship the car or plan a road trip to get it home, but the hassle won’t feel so severe when you see the lower monthly payment.

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