Tesla now selling broken Cybertruck window decal

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Car companies do have a sense of humour. Tesla’s new $US55 decal is a nod to the super-strength side windows cracked by a metal ball at the Cybertruck’s unveiling in 2019.

Tesla has poked fun at the “armour glass” side windows cracked by a metal ball at the reveal of the Cybertruck four years ago with a decal available for buyers of the showroom pick-up.

While the stunt in 2019 saw both left-side windows broken by a metal ball – thrown by Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen – the decal is only available for the rear-left window, as a sticker covering the front-left window would be illegal in most, if not all US states.

“Inspired by the Cybertruck unveil event, this limited-edition window decal celebrates the moment that made us go ‘OMFG’,” Tesla says on its online store, with the $US55 price including the decal and a squeegee to assist with installation.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed after the failed test of the so-called “Tesla Armor Glass” that another demonstration of the vehicle’s durability – hitting the stainless-steel doors with a sledgehammer – conducted just prior to the window test cracked the base of the glass.

Customer deliveries of the Cybertruck commenced in November 2023 – four years after the concept was unveiled, and two years after the showroom version was meant to launch, with a price $AU45,000 higher than announced in 2019.

This would need to be change in the future if Tesla wishes to start Cybertruck sales in Australia and New Zealand – but it is believed there are no plans to do so.


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