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No one likes a high-pressure sales experience and the automotive industry is certainly aware of this.

That’s why no-haggle pricing, online sales and the actual Carvana vending machine sales practices were developed to bypass the interaction with a salesperson for the most part.

However, most purchases are still done at an auto dealership or independent vehicle sales lot and a study of over 40,000 Google reviews and 7,000 automobile dealers reveals where the customer experience is lacking.

Washington State has some of the “Pushiest” auto dealers in the country

Seattle has the #1 most pushy dealer in the nation and placed 4 in the top 25!

A separate category looked at independent auto dealers not affiliated with an auto maker and 2 Washington state locations made the Top 10 in the U.S.

In total, six locations earned poor reviews for high-pressure tactics.  Here is the list, according to the study commissioned by Tinting Chicago

Seattle’s “Pushy” auto dealers land in U.S. Top 25

  • #1 Walker’s Renton Subaru, Seattle (Subaru)
  • #8 Pierre Ford of Seattle, Seattle (Ford)
  • #16 Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Kirkland, Seattle (Chrysler)
  • #25 Sound Ford, Seattle (Ford)

Washington state also had 2 of top 10 “Pushy” independent dealers in the country:

  • #6 CAL Cars, Spokane
  • #10 Legend Auto Sales, Seattle

Even though Seattle was the location of 5 dealerships on the lists, Seattle was not ranked in the Top 10 City rankings for high pressure sales tactics as a whole..  Milwaukee, WI was singled out for that distinction while the least pushy car buying experiences are in Laredo, TX.

The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Washington

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s most recent “Hot Wheels” auto theft report, these were the 10 vehicles that thieves helped themselves to the most in Washington. The most recent data available reflects cars stolen in 2022. We expected the numbers from 2023 to be released sometime this fall.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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