Subaru trademarks hint at upcoming off-road vehicles — report

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The 12 names all feature an off-road theme, and could lead to cross-country vehicles/variants in the future.

Subaru has submitted 12 trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, potentially pointing to new off-road vehicles/model variants.

First reported by AutoGuide, the names have been filed for “automobiles and structural parts and fittings therefor”.

The list of names includes: Hightrail, Getaway, Highrood, Everpass, Everguide, Trailseeker, Viewfinder, Trailwind, Trailhead, Outsider, Uncharted and Accomplice.

Though it’s unlikely for Subaru to use all twelve names for upcoming vehicles, it’s possible the Japanese carmaker has reserved the monikers to avoid them being used by rival brands.

It would come as little surprise to see Subaru bringing more off-road ability to its upcoming models, given the special edition Wilderness models available in the US.

In 2021 Subaru revealed an Outback Wilderness, with taller suspension for additional ground clearance, all-terrain tyres, lightweight alloy wheels, unique body protection, and trim highlights.

This was followed by Forester Wilderness and Crosstrek Wilderness models, both also benefiting from various off-road-focused upgrades, and exclusive to North American markets.

When asked how soon the vehicles would arrive – and which model would come first – Mr Read said: “We are now working through timing and how we execute that.

“Outback is the key one we’re looking at the moment, and then see what that means for Crosstrek and Forester.”

When asked if Subaru Australia would adopt the Wilderness name, Mr Read said: “We will use the Wilderness name pending the final (specifications) of the vehicles. It has to be a proper Wilderness edition to be worthy of that badge.”

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