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SAN ANTONIO – Deceptive practices in auto sales have become part of a national conversation.

Right now, there’s a push by the Federal Trade Commission to create a fairer experience for car buyers.

Buying or leasing a vehicle is arguably one of the biggest financial commitments we make. So, it’s no wonder why it can be stressful, especially when you’re afraid of the unknown.

Last week we showed you what Roland Olivares went through when he left the dealership without a signed copy of his contract.

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His salesman promised to mail it to him to avoid more waiting around at the dealership. Two months later and after repeated calls, he was still waiting.

“Why do you think you didn’t get your contract? Because they didn’t want me to know what they put on there.”

When he got a contract, He discovered $5,500 of his $15,000 down payment went toward warranties he didn’t ask for.

“How’s that make you feel? Makes me feel like I was cheated, lied to because I told him exactly what I wanted and didn’t want and he said yes sir, yes sir.”

His story has gotten a ton of interest on our social media pages.

One viewer, Spike Sanchez writes, “It happened to me, luckily I got a refund.

Another viewer, David Perez says, “It happens way too many times.”

In Roland’s case, he says his digital signature was used without authorization for warranties after he read and signed the contract.

“Makes me feel used, makes me feel like a dumb***”

The dealership wouldn’t comment, but we were able to help get his money back. We’re talking $5,500 and it appears we helped get a refund for the interest. A combined total of $6,600.

If you’ve had a similar experience buying or leasing, don’t just let it go. We’ve placed information on how to file a complaint with the state and the Better Business Bureau HERE.

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