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Camarin Glorioso is one of the newest faces at Team Chevrolet of Valparaiso. The sales specialist joined the crew about four months ago and has already built a bond with her co-workers and left a positive impression with many customers.

It is not Glorioso’s first time selling cars. She got started at another dealership, having initially applied for a job as a porter. She had been working at an apple orchard and thought that the new role might offer more stability. When she walked in for her interview, she walked out as a newly minted salesperson.

“They saw something a little bit more in me and offered me a sales job,” Glorioso said. “I was 21 or 22 at the time, so I felt like it was a really good opportunity to try my hand at a role that had never really crossed my mind as something I’d be able to do. I really enjoyed working with the general public.”

She spent three years there before stepping away from the car business for a year. When she came back and started looking for a new dealership, Glorioso decided to be quite selective – a choice that led her to Team Chevy.

“I was searching for a dealership that represented what my values are, and that was Team Chevy” she said. “I wanted to work for a place that’s more in-tune with its customers and values building a connection. I also really appreciated the fact that the managers have been here for over five years, and a lot of the salespeople have too. When customers come in here, it feels like home because they’re able to build long-term, lasting relationships with us.”

Glorioso follows a few key principles when it comes to working with customers, but they boil down to being friendly, educational, and most importantly, honest.

“A lot of times customers come in thinking they need more than they do, things that aren’t realistic for the kind of car payment they can comfortably afford,” she said. “My goal is to guide the customer and give them the best advice I can to make a smart decision. I’ve always said I don’t really care how many cars I sell a month – it’s about building connections and friendships along the way. If you do right by a customer, they’re going to refer people to you. Next thing you know, I’ve helped your cousin, your mom, and your grandma.”

Being from the Valparaiso/Chesterton area, Glorioso also deeply values Team Chevy carrying itself as the “Hometown Chevy Dealer.”

“To be able to work with all of these locals is great,” she said. “I’ve sold cars to my principals and teachers before; I’ve helped out steelworkers. I just like being a friendly face and contributing to the community.”

Glorioso also has a strong connection to the local car culture. She is a photographer who works with Region Car Culture, sharing photos online from local meet-ups, cruises, and other events.

“It was funny to be able to tap into the local scene once I actually got a job in the industry,” Gloriosa said. “A lot of those kids are looking for modified cars, so they’re not necessarily looking for what I’m selling, but they’ll point their friends and family to me.”

Her favorite part of the job so far is meeting customers who are new to Chevy vehicles and helping them learn the ins and outs of the brand.

“I like going over the new and exciting features the brand has to offer,” she said. “The new Blazer EV just launched, and that vehicle is really, really awesome. We saw a product demonstration by a trainer, and I just keep thinking about how fun it’ll be to show off all of its cool features to customers.”

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