Replacement McLaren F1 windscreen costs more than an entire Toyota RAV4

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Fixing a crack in the windscreen of a $20 million McLaren F1 is not a task for the budget conscious.

Replacing a cracked windscreen is not cheap for any car owner, but it’s little surprise to hear it’s a particularly costly experience when it happens to a $20 million McLaren F1 supercar.

According to a source cited by US publication Motor1, a replacement windscreen for the V12-powered supercar – one of the world’s fastest cars – will cost owners $US33,000 ($AU48,900).

The replacement – which includes $US25,000 ($AU37,000) for the glass and $US8000 ($AU11,900) for installation – costs more than a middle-of-the-range Toyota RAV4 GXL Hybrid in Australia.

The cost of a replacement windscreen made headlines after two F1s – one red and one blue – were spotted with cracked glass at a recent motorsport event in California, in a video uploaded to Instagram by user @colleen365gtb4c.

It is understood McLaren still has a few original F1 replacement windscreens at its headquarters in the UK, indicating owners wouldn’t have to get one made to order – at least for the time being.

Reports suggest McLaren has also started reproducing parts such as aluminium fuel tanks and magnesium wheels in order to keep the ageing supercars on the road.

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