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March 27, 2024 at 6:35 PM
Jason Marley, 53, at his sentencing hearing in Boone County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

The owner of a Northern Kentucky car dealership, who prosecutors say harnessed women’s drug addictions to force them into sex and made his employees forge title documents, will spend time behind bars.

Jason Marley, 53, was sentenced Wednesday afternoon in Boone County Circuit Court to 18 years in prison.

Marley pleaded guilty in January to counts including human trafficking, unlawful transaction with a minor, forgery and possession of a controlled substance. Court records show he was indicted in October 2022.

The sentence handed down by Judge James Schrand matches a recommendation by prosecutors reached as part of his plea agreement.

Marley was also ordered to pay a $20,000 fee to the Human Trafficking Victims Fund and enter into a 10-year protective order with his two victims.

In exchange for his plea, prosecutors agreed to dismiss a human trafficking count and not pursue additional charges against Marley or his wife.

A 16-year-old girl went to work for Marley doing vehicle paperwork at his Burlington car lot and was paid in cash and drugs, prosecutors said. After the girl turned 18 years old, however, Marley used her struggle with addiction to coerce her into having sex with him at the business and local hotels.

The second victim met Marley after responding to a Facebook Marketplace post, prosecutors said in court filings. He asked the woman if she liked to “party” and gave her drugs, to which she later became addicted.

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Marley then forced the woman into sex by threatening to expose her drug use to her stepfather, who worked in law enforcement.

Witnesses told detectives that cameras in the office were aimed at a couch where Marley would have sex, with one employee saying that Marley asked her to “recruit small, thin girls and told her she was too big for his taste sexually,” prosecutors wrote.

Authorities found methamphetamine and forged title documents when they searched his business, prosecutors said.

Employees also told investigators that Marley instructed them to forge the signature of a previous notary, whose stamp was no longer valid, onto title applications.

Customers constantly complained about bad titles and several cars couldn’t be titled due to bad VINs, one of the victims said, according to prosecutors. She even saw Marley spray carburetor cleaner on tags to wipe off the date so a new one could be written on the paper tag.

Marley did not make a statement during his sentencing on Wednesday. His attorney, Kate Homan, declined to comment.

“He understands that his actions enabled others to further their addictions,” Homan wrote in a court filing, “and for that, he takes full accountability.”

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