One-Off Ferrari 812 Competizione Scale Model Sells for Over R1.6 Million

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We keep a close eye on the amazing work done by The Amalgam Collection but somehow missed out on the special one-off model they crafted earlier this year.

The world-leading scale model makers created a unique model for the rare Tailor Made 812 Competizione, auctioned alongside its full-sized counterpart at the Ferrari Gala Dinner and Auction. The actual V12 machine fetched over $5 million, while the scaled-down version found a buyer at a whopping $90,000 (approx. R1,68m), with all proceeds going to charity.

Amalgam Collection effortlessly captured the unique appearance of this car in a 1:8 scale model, meticulously handcrafted in their workshop, measuring 23 inches (58 cm) in length and comprising 651 pieces. The team received actual CAD data from Ferrari, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in replication. The interior of the model, boasting exceptional fidelity, reflects the finest craftsmanship, with precise material selection and attention to minute details on the dashboard. Even the matte Giallo Tristrato paint was authentically mixed to maintain colour accuracy on the smaller panels, mirroring the treatment given to the Nero DS Sketch accents inside and out.

The Ferrari Foundation successfully raised $7 million at the charity auction, contributing to the automaker’s charitable initiatives in the field of education.

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