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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile Police Department is investigating car thefts from area dealerships and sharing tips to prevent similar crimes, News 5 has learned.

According to an announcement from the MPD, the four thefts occurred after test drives of cars at used car dealerships.

WKRG reached out to the department for further comment and learned that the thefts occurred in the area of Highway 90 and Government Boulevard.


Police say at least three of the incidents occurred in the past month.

In a video posted by the department, Sgt. Katrina Fraizer with the MPD says thieves are using fake IDs or tricking salespeople to initiate the thefts.

According to the video, one incident involved two people distracting a salesperson while another person took off with the car.

One arrest was made in the series of thefts, according to the department. The other thefts are under investigation.

In the meantime, Mobile PD recommends that dealerships confirm valid IDs before allowing test drives, and that someone with the dealership ride with the potential buyer to discourage theft.

“Let’s work together to safeguard this community, “said Fraizer.

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