LARTE Design Gifts BMW XM Label With Carbon Wide Body Kit

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If the BMW XM Label does not stand out enough for you, you can reach out to LARTE Design and ask for their carbon wide body kit by LARTE Performance.

The BMW XM Label is limited to just 500 units worldwide so owning one of these is already a privilege but LARTE Design want yours to stand out from the rest.

The body kit, made of pure carbon, consists of 17 parts, each crafted by the skilled hands of LARTE masters. It all begins with creating a life-size clay model directly on the vehicle. Then, each element is meticulously formed from carbon fibre and undergoes several stages of processing and preparation before being lacquered at the company’s full-cycle production facility.

The kit includes a bespoke bonnet complete with LARTE logo, a two-piece splitter up front and some more prominent side skirts and wider wheel arches on the sides. Take a look around the back and you will find a rather angry-looking all-new diffuser housing the vertical hexagonal twin exhaust pipes as well as the F1-style brake light. The kit also features two new spoilers – a small, sleek lower element on the boot lid and an upper sporty spoiler with aerodynamic fins.

Wrapping up the changes are a set of 23-inch wheels from LARTE but custom forged wheels from LARTE can be made to manufacturer specifications or your personal size preferences and painted in any colour of your choice.

The LARTE Performance body kit is also compatible with the standard XM and is priced from around €42,000 for the premium carbon version.

Every part of the LARTE Performance body kit can be purchased and installed separately, allowing BMW XM owners and those with the limited Label Red version to choose their level of upgrade and become the designers of their car.

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