Koenigsegg Jesko Smashes Gotland Ring Lap Record at 90 Percent Of Capability

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The Koenigsegg Jesko ‘Attack’ has just smashed the lap record at the Gotland Ring in Sweden and the most bizarre part is that it was only on the circuit to showcase the capabilities of the track-focused hypercar and to shoot marketing materials.

It managed to make the run in a blistering 2:56.97, smashing the previous record by several seconds which was the 3:04.83 achieved by a Porsche 911 GT3 RS MR.

Koenigsegg published the in-car video with factory test driver Niklas Lilja behind the wheel and as expected, it is rather impressive.

The title says “at 90%” and we really mean that because not only was Lilja pushing the car to “around 90 percent of its potential”, but they also confirmed that it was running on 93 octane fuel rather than E85, meaning it was down on power from its ultimate capabilities.

With its potent performance around the Gotland Ring, many folks who watched the video say that the Jesko might be able to take on the Nurburgring lap record and we tend to agree with them. Christian von Koenigsegg has teased such a thing in the past, so we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground.

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