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AN urban explorer has taken fans inside an abandoned dealership full of iconic Peugeots still gathering dust in its showroom.

The adventurer, who goes by the name The Bearded Explorer (TBE), took his YouTube fans on a tour of the creepy site.

The Bearded Explorer gave fans a look inside an eerie abandoned dealershipCredit: YouTube
The site was loaded with classic Peugeots
The site was loaded with classic PeugeotsCredit: YouTube
Most had fallen into disrepair and suffered at the hands of scrappers
Most had fallen into disrepair and suffered at the hands of scrappersCredit: YouTube

The large garage complex in a remote area of the French countryside seems to have been left derelict for years.

Old motors were littered around the property, with some rusting away in the open air.

Everything from sedans to hatchbacks to a pickup truck could be found there – all of them from Peugeot.

There were even some models which aren’t available in the UK, according to TBE


Many were covered in dirt and mould, as has having smashed windows after being gutted by scrappers.

However, inside, some still appeared to be in pristine condition with showroom-fresh paint.

TBE said: “I think I’ve just hit the jackpot.

“Look at the cars, oh my god.

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“This is crazy.

“Everything is still in there.

Mystery of motors graveyard filled with rotting shells of SAME vehicles

“It’s like stepping back in time.”

Next, he discovered a derelict workshop section, with tools and spare tyres scattered across the floor and a fax machine on the side.

From there, it was on to an eerie storage room lined with shelves packed high with spare alloys, brake lights and wires, all in factory fresh condition.

Upstairs, there was yet another showroom space including some motors which still had the original sales tags on them.

Additionally, TBE walked through to the attached office space which contained decades-old documents all just left sprawled out on the desks.

Social media commenters were stunned by the find.

One wrote: “I don’t understand how these places are left for years even decades.”

Another added: “This is heaven for someone like me who loves Peugeots from 70s, 80s and 90s.”


And a third cried: “What an extraordinary find.”

It comes after we gave readers a look inside a bizarre abandoned service station next to a major UK motorway, complete with a “UFO tower”.

A few, though, were still factory-fresh
A few, though, were still factory-freshCredit: YouTube
The complex also housed a pair of derelict workshops
The complex also housed a pair of derelict workshopsCredit: YouTube
There were also some timeless classics tucked away
There were also some timeless classics tucked awayCredit: YouTube

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