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After the car enthusiast site, Gear Patrol, released a list of some underrated cars that are not frequently bought, one Toyota car dealership decided to ask its staff, “What’s a good car that no one ever buys?”

Auto Fair Toyota is a car dealership in Massachusetts. They asked their salespeople this question and got a wide array of responses. Amongst the cars listed from the team were the Toyota RAV 4 Prime, Toyota Supra, and two salespeople mentioned the Toyota Crown. One salesperson mentioned the Volvo XC90.

On the list released by Gear Patrol, the Toyota Supra was the only Toyota car that made it on the list. The Gear Patrol article noted that the Toyota Supra only sold 2,652 models in 2023 and that perhaps this is because of wind buffeting that happens at high speeds. Wind buffeting is the helicopter-like sound that happens when you put your windows down on a highway or when driving at high speeds.

The video has almost 200 comments and over 299,000 views as of Sunday.

@autofairtoyota We asked our salespeople… “What’s a good car no one ever buys?” Gearpatrol.com published an article last year (2023) with 14 great cars that no one bought. One Toyota and three Lexus vehicles made the list. Take a look: Ford GT – Units Sold = 31 Nissan GT-R – Units Sold = 390 Audi R8 – Units Sold = 631 Audi TT – Units Sold = 725 Lexus RC – Units Sold = 1,752 Lexus LC – Units Sold = 1,761 Nissan Z – Units Sold = 1,771 Audi A7 – Units Sold = 1,810 BMW Z4 – Units Sold = 1,883 Lexus LS – Units Sold = 2,234 Audi A8 – Units Sold = 2,259 BMW XM – Units Sold = 2,315 Volkswagon – Units Sold = 2,347 Toyota GR Supra – Units Sold = 2,652 #toyota #lexus #carsales #saleslife #cardealership #cars #dealershiptiktok ♬ original sound – autofairtoyota

Viewers in the comments highlighted that the Toyota RAV 4 usually has a super long waitlist and that perhaps that is why it didn’t sell as much as expected, not because people didn’t want to buy it.

“Rav4 prime is the longest waitlisted car in canada,” states one comment.

“RAV4 prime is so hard to find without markup!” mentions another.

According to the blog dedicated to Toyota RAV 4 discussions, RAV4Resource.com, the limited availability for RAVs 4’s mentioned in the comments may be true. An article the blog posted about RAV 4 wait times states the average wait time can range between 5.6 months to 13.1 months depending on the model you’re interested in. These long wait times are due to several factors like a higher demand, limited production, auto part shortages, and economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic that some businesses are still trying to recover from.

Overall, the video gives viewers an insight into the patterns of car buyers at this car dealership and starts a conversation about some of the reasons no one buys them in the comments. It also informed many viewers on some cars to consider when buying as some commenters mentioned that they were sold on certain models after this video.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Auto Fair Toyota for comment via email.

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2024, 5:00 pm CDT

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