Google Chrome web browser added to select Volvo and Polestar models

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Volvo and Polestar drivers will now be able to browse the internet on the infotainment screen when the car is parked – similar to Tesla electric cars.

Certain Volvo and Polestar vehicles with the companies’ latest infotainment software will gain access to the Google Chrome web browser when the vehicle is parked.

It is available for cars with the Chinese-owned Swedish car makers’ Android Automotive-based infotainment systems – all versions of the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric and Polestar 2, model-year 2022-onwards Volvo XC60, and all other Volvos from model-year 2023 onwards.

A web browser is already built into the infotainment systems of Tesla electric cars.

Google says it plans to make Chrome available in more models from other brands later this year.

Other car makers with software based on Android Automotive – which powers the entire infotainment system, rather than Android Auto which is one app within the infotainment system, and requires a phone to be connected – include Renault and Maserati.

Vehicles with Android Automotive-based infotainment software – which have Google Maps, Google Assistant and the Google Play store built in – will gain support for PBS Kids and Crunchyroll video streaming services in the US, and The Weather Channel.

Owners will also gain the ability to send Google Maps directions from their phone to the vehicle, with both iPhone and Android users included.

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Meanwhile, electric vehicles with the regular Android Auto system will be able to send details on battery charge levels to Google Maps – allowing the car to estimate the battery’s charge by the time they reach their destination.

The update also has the ability to suggest charging stops along the route, and estimate how long charging will take based on the vehicle’s current state.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning will be the first vehicles to benefit from these new features “in the coming months”.

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