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Ashlee Church joins Inside Automotive to discuss the values necessary to achieve success and bring more women to the automotive sector.Leveraging opportunities to boost diversity in the automotive sector — Ashlee Church | Volkswagen of Marion
Success in the automotive sector is often assessed based on numbers alone, meaning whoever has the most sales is considered the best at the game. However, there are many metrics by which we can gauge success in this industry, some of which measure transparency, ethics, inclusivity, and customer service. Taking time to focus on these elements is not only important for running a business in good standing; they are also essential to achieving sales in the long term.

On this episode of Inside Automotive, host Shyann Malone is joined by Ashlee Church, general manager at Volkswagen of Marion, located in Illinois. Leveraging her years of experience in the industry, Chruch explains what it actually takes to improve gender diversity in the automotive sector and how the business will need to change if it hopes to continue growing. Watch the full segment here.

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Kevin Frye and Paulo da Silva join CBT Now to discuss the industry's first instance of a fully online car buying experience.

Kevin Frye and Paulo da Silva join CBT Now to discuss the industry's first instance of a fully online car buying experience.Jeff Wyler Automotive’s new online car buying experience is an industry first
On this episode of CBT Now, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Kevin Frye, marketing director at the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, and Paulo da Silva, vice president of operations at Cox Automotive Ecommerce. Earlier this month, Jeff Wyler Automotive oversaw a fully digital new vehicle purchase, making history as the first dealership group to do so. Now, Frye and da Silva discuss the advantages of online car buying and how it could change the face of the industry. Watch the full segment here.

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