Fiat’s hot-hatch division Abarth unveils its most powerful car

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The Abarth 600e – the second SUV, and second electric car from Fiat’s equivalent to Hyundai N or Volkswagen R – has been revealed ahead of its European launch.

The first image of the production version of the Abarth 600e SUV – the most powerful road car produced by Fiat’s high-performance division – has been released ahead of its launch in Europe later this year, or in 2025.

The Abarth-specific changes to the 600e’s design are extensive, with its ‘Hypnotic Purple’ launch colour, an aggressive front bumper, and large 20-inch alloy wheels – with tyres reportedly developed with the help of Formula E racing engineers.

The single image – which is said to show the Scorpionissima launch edition – also teases the 600e’s hatch-mounted rear spoiler hidden in camouflage images the car-maker published last month.

Abarth says the spoiler is not a cosmetic feature, but instead has been aerodynamically tested for maximum performance.

The 600e will be the second electric Abarth after the smaller 500e hot hatch, which went on sale in Europe and Australia in 2023.

The Abarth 600e is an upgraded high-performance version of the electric Fiat 600e compact SUV, itself a twin of the Jeep Avenger due in Australian showrooms in the second half of 2024.

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The Abarth – which uses an upgraded ‘Perfo-eCMP’ version of the Fiat’s architecture – sees power increased from the regular car’s 154hp (113kW) to a considerable 240hp (177kW).

The 1520kg Fiat has a 54kWh battery, 400km claimed driving range and 100kW DC charging capacity, with a 0-100km/h time of 9.0 seconds – leaving plenty of opportunity for the Abarth to deliver a more exciting driving experience.

As well as producing more power than any previous Abarth in the brand’s 75-year history, the 600e’s performance upgrades include a mechanical limited-slip differential, larger brakes and upgraded suspension, designed to improve handling and traction.

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Further technical details and pricing are yet to be released – nor any images beyond the one at the top of this story – though more information is due closer to its European launch later this year, or in 2025.

It is expected to cost more than the Fiat version, and as per the 500e – which was introduced with a Scorpionissima limited-edition version of its own – a cheaper, regular version is likely to follow.

The Scorpionissima – referencing the traditional Abarth scorpion logo – will be limited to a production run of 1949 vehicles as a homage to the founding year of the brand.


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