Ferrari FXX-K Evo Wind Testing Scale Model Could Fetch Over R6m At Auction

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Collecting scale models provides car enthusiasts with an affordable and space-efficient means of owning their dream vehicles, however, this Ferrari FXX-K Evo model is not what you would call affordable.

It’s the very scale model utilized by Ferrari in wind tunnel testing for the limited-run, track-only hypercar. Set to go under the hammer at the Paris auction on January 31, RM Sotheby’s estimates that this distinctive sculpture could fetch between $310,000 and $355,000.

What makes this FXX-K Evo unique is its 1:2 scale, making it half the size of the actual car. With no windows or doors, and a partially exposed carbon fibre exterior, it’s evident that this model is not meant for driving. Instead, it serves as a captivating conversation piece for those who appreciate automotive artistry in a larger collection.

Originally crafted as the third example for wind-tunnel evaluations, Ferrari utilized this model during the final phases of developing the FXX-K Evo. The sculpture rests on a 2.6m (8.53 ft) baseplate, allowing for versatility in display. RM Sotheby’s even suggests the possibility of mounting the model on a wall, providing a unique and visually striking perspective for the fortunate buyer to enjoy daily.

As a reminder, the FXX-K Evo is an even hotter version of the FXX-K, itself based on the road-going LaFerrari.

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