Electrikhana TWO Revealed As Ken Block’s Last Dance In The Audi S1 Hoonitron

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Hoonigan just released the final video featuring Ken Block, filmed before his unfortunate passing in January 2023. Captured against the vibrant backdrop of Mexico City in November 2022, the production, titled Electrikhana Two, serves as a sequel to Gymkhana 11. The video showcases a highly modified Audi S1 engaging in exhilarating drifts and even executing wheelies.

Drawing on insights gained from the filming of Gymkhana 11 in Las Vegas, Block’s team implemented several enhancements to the S1’s drivetrain. Notably, Hoonigan introduced a “simulated gears” feature, integrating a digital gearbox into the drivetrain through the programming of varying levels of wheel speed control in the electric motors. Block, in turn, exercised control over this innovative system using steering wheel-mounted paddles.

Given the substantial power output of the drivetrain, the inclusion of this transmission-like system proved essential. It afforded Block enhanced maneuverability of the S1, particularly during slides, enabling more precise acceleration. The drivetrain also boasts intriguing features showcased in the video, such as executing a standing all-wheel-drive burnout, seamless shifts between rear- and all-wheel drive, and the ability to shift into reverse irrespective of speed.

The video, below, takes viewers on a high-speed tour of iconic landmarks in Mexico City. Block skillfully propels the S1 out of the Plaza de Toros, the world’s largest bullfighting ring, transforms the Benito Juárez International Airport into his personal playground, and encounters a heavily modified Volkswagen Beetle (referred to as the vocho by locals) while effortlessly wearing out multiple sets of tyres. Beyond the captivating automotive feats and breathtaking scenery, Electrikhana Two maintains the high production standards synonymous with Block’s video productions.

Bravo once again and RIP Ken.

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