Electric-car charging network Evie increases prices by up to 40 per cent

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One of Australia’s largest electric-vehicle charging networks – Evie – has increased prices for the second time in six months.

Australian electric-car charging network Evie will increase prices by up to 43 per cent next week – the second rise in about six months.

The largest hike – in effect from Thursday 18 January 2024 – will be applied to its slowest chargers (22kW), which are planned to increase in price from 35 cents per kilowatt-hour (c/kWh), to 50c/kWh.

Evie 50kW fast chargers will increase from 50c/kWh to 58c/kWh (up 16 per cent), its 150kW ‘super-fast’ chargers will increase from 60c/kWh to 68c/kWh (up 13 per cent), and its 350kW ‘ultra-fast’ chargers will increase from 65c/kWh to 73c/kWh (up 12 per cent).

“This decision is driven by our commitment to investing in a top-notch, reliable, and expansive charging network across the country,” Evie said as justification for the price rise in a notice to customers this week.

It means a full charge for a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y rear-wheel drive with a 60kWh battery will cost $9 more on a 22kW charger, or $4.80 more on a 50kW, 150kW or 350kW charger.

The charging provider says a “typical charging session” – which it says equates to 25kWh of energy – will cost “approximately $2 more.”

It is the second price rise in six months after applying increases of close to 10 per cent in July 2023.

Evie now operates more than 200 charging stations in Australia, 100 of which came online in the past 12 months, according to the company.

It is one of the larger electric-vehicle charging networks in the country, behind Chargefox’s 300-plus stations, but ahead of Tesla’s circa-80 locations.

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