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The Democrats have salivated over the idea of an all-electric vehicle utopia for the last few decades now and have been over pushing it in the last 5 years especially. President Biden has pushed for it as well, with various new EPA restrictions, and ambitious plans for phase out gas powered cars by 2032. It is an idea that lives, quite simply, in absolute delusion.

Aside from the loony-left stronghold of California, eight other states plan to ban the sale of gas-powered cars by Biden’s date. Many of them, like Colorado, have already take initial steps by banning new construction of gas stations in their state. But Americans are still not on board with the all-EV dream, as new electric vehicle sales made up just 7.6 percent of new car sales in 2023.

Marc Morano of the Climate Depot says this is similar to a past totalitarian state.

“Back in East Germany…they made it where people could only drive one kind of car…the United States government through the EPA and these states…are bypassing democracy to replicate what they did in East Germany,” he says.

Under Biden’s rule, used gas-powered car sales will still be available, which somewhat defeats the whole purpose of the law.

But even as Americans disagree with the all-EV idea, the government still pushes it down our throats.

“There was no vote in Congress…this is a controlled demolition of the American auto industry, and our freedom of movement,” he says.

The Biden EPA is targeting around 35 to 56 percent of all cars by 2032 to be electric. It was initially proposed that two thirds of all cars sold by 2030 would need to be EVs, but that plan was halted, giving a concession to carmakers and giving them more ways to comply.

It has been noted time and again that China is the main resource for all these electric vehicle battery parts. So, a move to them means more reliance on China, on whom we already over rely.

The biggest idea for this whole green push is that more electric vehicles will make less of an impact on the climate. But that could not be further from the truth.

“They have about the same carbon footprint, or higher…they limit your freedom of movement…and they require a federal charging grid, which is opposite of the gas grid…which was de-centralized,” he says. “A centralized grid will bring the ability of the government to shut down charging stations nationwide the next time we have shutdowns over some real or imagined crisis.”

As for what to do to battle back against this push, Morano says that is up to the men in suits on Capitol Hill.

“We have to flip the narrative and tell them no…we need politicians to speak up…but unfortunately, most republican leadership does not even push back,” he says.

Morano says one solution American’s might begin turning to is hybrid’s, which give the best of both the combustion engine, and electric vehicle in one.

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