Driver caught driving without tyre, sparking grass fires along highway

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Police said the offender was arrested and charged with multiple offences relating to reckless driving and the use of an unroadworthy car.

A 27-year-old man has been charged with multiple offences after he was allegedly seen driving a vehicle without a tyre, creating sparks from the steel wheel which caused multiple grass fires.

According to Victoria Police, authorities were notified of the green Mitsubishi Magna sedan driving along Western Highway – a 258km freeway connecting Melbourne and Adelaide.

Witnesses reported seeing the wheel creating sparks, which police allege led to four separate small fires along the highway.

The motorist was allegedly“driving erratically” into Beaufort – a Victorian town along the Western Highway – where he was reportedly seen driving on the wrong side of the road before nearly hitting a pedestrian.

Officers said the vehicle came to a stop at a parkland, with the motorist allegedly fleeing the scene on foot before being chased by members of the public who held him until police arrived at the scene.

The driver was arrested before being charged with six offences relating to two counts of reckless conduct endangering serious injury, driving on a disqualified license, careless driving and using an unroadworthy and unregistered vehicle.

The suspected offender is expected to appear at a local magistrates court in March 2024.

According to Victorian law, a person found guilty of reckless conduct that may injure another person can face a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.

Driving on a disqualified license can incur a maximum court-imposed fine of $46,154 – while a first offence careless driving charge can result in a fine of up to $2308.

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