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On the latest episode of Kain & Co., host David Kane sits down with Eric Schlesinger, chief revenue officer at ActivEngage, to discuss how dealership technology is changing the face of communication within the car business.

Key Takeaways

1. Schlesinger emphasizes the importance of intertwining human interaction with the car buying process. Despite the rise of dealership technology, the human element remains crucial, as people prefer to buy cars from individuals rather than through technology alone.

2. There has been a shift in how consumers prefer to communicate, with younger generations, like millennials, viewing phone calls as aggressive and preferring digital communication methods instead. Dealership technology that conforms to these preferences will help businesses engage more effectively with potential customers.

3. The pandemic has influenced consumer trust and engagement, highlighting the need for dealerships to be transparent and accommodating to various external circumstances. Building trust is key to successful engagements and transactions with customers.

4. While millennials are significant in the market, they lack brand loyalty and prioritize treatment and communication style over specific brands or dealerships. This insight is vital for dealers to tailor their engagement strategies across different demographics and dealership technologies.

5. Schlesinger’s extensive experience in the automotive industry, spanning over three decades, showcases the dynamic nature of the sector and the continuous need for adaptation and evolution to meet changing consumer demands and technological advancements.

“And this is the age-old thing. Let’s face it, we as dealers, we’ve always been trying to control the way in which the consumer communicates with us versus us trying to be present and communicate with…the way that the consumer wants to communicate with us. We’ve always been trying to pitch in the hole then instead of just being present where they want us to be present.” — Eric Schlesinger

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