Chinese Tesla rival drives 1044km on a single charge

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A breakthrough in solid-state battery technology has resulted in a Nio electric sedan – with a massive battery – driving for more than 1000km in China.

Chinese electric-car specialist Nio has unveiled a new version of its Tesla Model S-sized ET7 sedan which drove for more than 1000km on a single charge – in specific conditions – with the company’s CEO behind the wheel.

As reported by Car News China, the new ET7 has been equipped with a 150kWh battery – equivalent to two and a half Tesla Model Y RWDs – now with semi solid-state chemistry, allowing it to have greater energy density than a similarly-sized lithium-ion battery.

Nio has previously claimed the ET7’s 150kWh battery could return a laboratory-tested driving range of more than 1000km on China’s lenient NEDC cycle.

To demonstrate the claim, Nio CEO William Li and Nio Power director Shen Fei drove the semi solid-state-equipped ET7 from Zhejiang Province to Fujian Province, live-streaming the drive online and covering 1044km across 14 hours with about three per cent charge to spare.

At an average speed of about 84km/h, Mr Li’s long-haul drive was taken at lower speeds than normal to extract as much range as possible, though the ET7 still returned a frugal consumption figure – by highway-driving standards – of approximately 14kWh/100km.

However, Mr Li claimed the Nio ET7 had been pre-tested before the 14-hour drive, achieving 1145km on a charge – which would beat the Lucid Air’s unofficial record for the longest driving range on public roads, though the claim was not verified.

Nio’s semi solid-state battery

While Nio prepares to put the semi solid-state Nio ET7 into mass production, the Chinese electric-car specialist is also developing battery-swapping stations which negate the need for a traditional recharge.

Nio currently operates 1360 battery-swap stations across China and a further 13 in Europe (Netherlands, Norway and Germany), and is planning to expand its service into the UK.

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