Toyota benchmarking the Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 Lightning

Toyota’s development teams have been spied driving Tesla’s controversial electric pick-up, suggesting it’s bringing more than oneelectric ute to showrooms. 07:0019 February 2024 View 3 images Toyota engineers have been spied driving a Tesla Cybertruck among several competitor vehicles, suggesting the Japanese car maker may have a large electric pick-up in the works. A large electric […]

Tesla banks $US9 billion from rivals

The US electric car giant is still cashing in on other car makers’ failure to meet emissions standards. Electric Cars 09:3016 February 2024 View 4 images Tesla has banked more than $US9 billion ($AU13.8 billion) in selling regulatory credits to rival car makers unable to meet emission standards. According to a report from Automotive News, Tesla […]

Tesla, BYD, Polestar the biggest winners under Australia’s new-car emissions targets

Electric-vehicle makers may soon be able to reap big profits selling emissions ‘credits’ to other manufacturers which don’t meet tough new-car pollution standards due in Australia next year. 12:2905 February 2024 View 5 images The balance sheets of car manufacturers which exclusively sell electric vehicles are poised to be the biggest winners of upcoming emissions targets […]

Tesla being sued by California counties

The electric car maker is accused of mishandling waste and faces massive fines if in breach of state laws. 07:4502 February 2024 View 2 images Tesla is being sued by 25 California counties claiming the electric car maker has been improperly labelling hazardous waste and illegally dumping it in landfills. The claim was filed this week […]

Tesla cars to be banned from Chinese government buildings amid security fears — report

Restrictions on where Tesla electric cars can be driven are reportedly increasing across China as concerns over the data the vehicles can collect grow. 06:0001 February 2024 View 3 images Tesla drivers in China are reportedly facing entry bans in government-affiliated buildings as security concerns with the US increase.  According to a report published by Nikkei Asia, […]

2024 Tesla Model 3 recalled to fix child-seat compliance breach

The latest Tesla Model 3 has been recalled by the US car maker to open access to a child-seat top-tether point for the middle rear seats, as required by the Australian Design Rules. 10:3931 January 2024 View 4 images View 4 images <button class="navigation_glide__arrow__je__h navigation_glide__arrow–left__y3DP1 navigation_glide__arrow–inactive__H6d8_" data-glide-dir="|Previous“>Next Tesla has recalled 505 examples of its 2024 Tesla Model 3 to address […]

Tesla electric car hacked twice for $US200,000 in cybersecurity competition

A group of computer coders won $US200,000 for hacking a Tesla’s cellular modem and infotainment system in a competition designed to highlight vulnerabilities in technology – and pass the information onto their manufacturers. Electric Cars 09:0031 January 2024 View 3 images A team of hackers has won $US200,000 ($AU305,000) for hacking a Tesla’s modem and infotainment […]

Fix for Tesla Model 3 compliance breach revealed as deliveries resume

The Tesla Model 3 has recommenced deliveries after a breach of Australian motor-vehicle regulations was discovered and fixed. Electric Cars 11:4829 January 2024 View 4 images Deliveries of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 electric car have recommenced after a nine-day pause while a breach of Australian motor-vehicle compliance regulations was addressed. There is still no guidance […]

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