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Police have acquired DNA evidence they hope will help them identify the suspects who stole a vehicle from a car dealership in Dover on Monday.

The theft happened just before 4 a.m. at Thornton Automotive, when two suspects attempted to steal a Dodge Challenger Hellcat from the showroom by crashing a white Chevy Camaro into the outside wall.

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Northern York County Regional Police confirmed to CBS 21 News that after the thieves failed to steal the Hellcat and Camaro, they fled the scene in a Challenger from the lot.

The stolen vehicle was recovered Tuesday morning in Hagerstown, Maryland, police said.

Investigators were able to find a hair inside the car after swabbing the stolen vehicle for DNA evidence.

That evidence is now being used to try and help officials identify the thieves, but police say there is no timeframe regarding how long it will take to see if the DNA is linked to any suspects.

“All leads are being followed,” said Northern York County Regional Police’s Lt. Gregg Anderson.

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