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MUHLENBERG TWP., Pa. – One car dealer in Berks County says this is something you can’t prepare for.

“I don’t think anybody could plan for a bridge collapse, something horribly tragic like that,” said Tim Profit, President of Savage Auto Group.

Now Tim Profit of Savage Auto Group is keeping an eye on the new places his cars will be coming from.

“My Compasses that we’re going into Baltimore are now going up to Boston,” Profit said. “It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s a big deal to delay it a couple weeks.”

Savage Auto Group

Savage Auto Group in Muhlenberg Twp. 

As the car industry is one of the many impacted by supply chain shifts, Profit says it’s all about alternate port availability.

“Norfolk, it looks like Jacksonville’s gonna take some and then Boston,” Profit explained. “It depends on what mode line comes in for me and where it goes I think some of our trucks are gonna go south and some of our Jeeps are gonna go north.”

Will the cars being shipped to a port further away from Berks effect the cost?

“It doesn’t really increase our costs, the manufacturers absorb that. They’re responsible for, they set the destination and delivery,” Profit said “They charge us, we pass it on to the consumer already on the manufacturer’s window sticker.”

As car dealers wait for the weeks and months ahead,  Profit says the backlog could mean a bunch of cars being sent out to dealers at once, which could benefit buyers.

“Jeep across our model line has reduced MSRP’s over the last month and put some heavy incentives out so if anything I would imagine their will be a back log of sitting and then hitting all at once which is usually good for the consumer,” Profit said.

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