Bugatti Chiron Successor Rumoured To Pack 1,800 HP from Hybrid V16

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Bugatti will be revealing their all-new hypercar next year and according to The Supercar Blog, the creation will come packing a menacing V16 engine.

According to the latest grapevine, the development of the V16 powertrain is a collaborative effort between Rimac and Cosworth, with Rimac likely taking the lead in constructing the hybrid system. Reports indicate that the internal combustion engine will boast an 8,3-litre displacement, potentially yielding 1000 horses. This V16 engine is slated to be complemented by three electric motors, collectively generating an additional 800 horsepower, culminating in an impressive combined output of 1,800 horsepower.

In October, a member of the Germancarforum shared an image from a private presentation, revealing a covered prototype of the Chiron successor. Evidently, select clients have already been granted a sneak peek at the upcoming hypercar, with rumours circulating about a groundbreaking “transparent dashboard” in the new model.

Bugatti has carved a niche in producing highly exclusive, limited-edition hypercars. The Molsheim factory boasts a production history of 450 units of the Veyron and restricted the Chiron to just 500 units. If the latest speculations hold true, the Chiron successor is poised to be even more exclusive, with reports suggesting a production run of a mere 250 cars for the global market.

If that is indeed accurate, all units will more than likely be spoken for by the time it is revealed which we are expecting to take place around March next year.

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