Budget-priced electric Hyundai Casper closer to Australia

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Forget ghosts, this is Casper: the environmentally-friendly car. And it could be coming to a showroom near you soon.

A 2025 Hyundai Casper has been caught on camera for the first time in right-hand drive – and with minimal camouflage.

Images posted to Autospy show Hyundai testing the small high-riding electric hatchback in Japan, complete with the cluster of ‘parametric pixel’ LEDs on the rear tailgate – a signature of the brand’s electric models.

The images also show similar square LEDs on the car’s front, as well as the Casper’s trademark circular light arrays at both ends.

While Hyundai hasn’t confirmed the small electric car for Australia just yet, the Casper – which shares its underpinnings with the Kia Picanto – is understood to be on the company’s wish list, and could arrive in late 2024 or early 2025.

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As first reported by Drive in March 2023, Hyundai has trademarked the Casper name locally.

The Casper will sit below the Kona Electric – taking the title of Hyundai’s cheapest electric model – in an effort to compete with the ever-growing segment of budget-friendly electric cars from Chinese manufacturers.

So although pricing for the new model has also yet to be announced, it’s expected it will be available to buy from approximately $40,000 or below.

Details of the electric Casper’s powertrain aren’t known, however the vehicle was spotted benchmark testing against the likes of the Fiat 500e and Volkswagen e-Up in Europe in late 2023.


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