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A car dealer shared a list of cars that he says are lemons, even when purchased new from a dealership. 

Cheese (@thankucheese) posted his findings on TikTok, with a caption that read, “Auto-manufacturers were rushing their products and now a lot of inventory are lemons.” According to Progressive, a “lemon” is a car that has “a significant defect or malfunction that makes it unsafe to drive, although the exact definition can vary from state to state.”

“Whatever you do, please do not buy these cars,” Cheese warns at the start of the video, before adding, “These cars are straight lemons from the factory and you’re bound to get an issue with them. If you don’t have an issue with them, you’re probably one of the few lucky ones.”

Cheese says that he classifies these cars as lemons because he’s, “seen a lot of these cars at the auction completely f*cked up and having issues all the time.”

“The first on the list is a GMC 1500 Sierra,” he says, adding, “These trucks have endless issues, and a lot of dealerships just end up buying them back and these cars get lemon lawed all the time.”

Cheese also says that he’d recently seen one of these models at a CarMax auction, and despite it only having 12,000 miles on it, it was “knocking insanely.”

“The next on the list is a Cadillac CTS,” Cheese continues. 

“Actually, I was extremely surprised when I saw this,” he says. “This is the second most lemon lawed vehicle on the market right now. I mean, I think just from [the] factory, they rush product and there’s just issues with the vehicle that the buyers don’t want to deal with and the dealers have to purchase it back.”

Finally, Cheese names the third vehicle in the list as a Fiat which, he adds, doesn’t surprise him at all. 

“They have overheating issues, they make noises when you turn, pressure plate issues, and it’ll have major transmission issues,” he says about the car. 

Cheese’s post received 238,500 views and over 200 comments as of Friday. A number of viewers wanted the dealer to clarify further details about the cars on the lemon list. 

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“You gotta be more specific on the cts there’s a couple different ones different motors,” wrote one. 

“What kinda cadi you talking about only the cts-v [or] just any in general cuz i got a 2021 ct5 15k miles and its a gem no issues,” wrote another. 

“You have to be more specific, just bc 1 of the motor variations are bad, dosnt make it a bad vehicle,” noted someone else. 

“You forgot the jeep wranglers,” joked someone else, referring to the notoriously unreliable car.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cheese via Instagram direct message, and to GMC and Stellantis via email.

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*First Published: Mar 29, 2024, 11:00 pm CDT

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