A look inside a former Prime Minister’s armoured BMW 7 Series

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Reportedly once owned by a Malaysian Prime Minister, this V12-powered sedan has a few hidden secrets. 

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A user of social-media platform TikTok has given a look inside an armoured BMW 7 Series reportedly once owned by a Malaysian Prime Minister. 

For nearly 50 years BMW has built armoured versions of its most luxurious vehicles for use by diplomats and VIPs – and the example is an early-2000s 760Li powered by a 317kW/600Nm 6.0-litre petrol V12, weighing more than 3.2 tonnes.

This 7 Series features the highest protection level possible when it comes to a modified passenger vehicle, known as VR7 – requiring plexiglass windows and door panels able to withstand gunshots from a rifle. 

The armour plating is up to 10cm thick in some areas, and uses an overlapping design able to protect occupants from bomb blasts. 

The tyres are run-flats which are able to be driven on at up to 80km/h for about 80km. 

On the inside, the 7 Series has gained a remote starting feature, a fire suppression system, and hidden buttons in the cup holders to activate an external alarm.

The steering wheel features two buttons on the rim for downshifting in a hurry, while there the standard 7 Series sedan’s rear mini fridge has been retained.

According to its website, BMW has been building armoured variants of its passenger cars for over 45 years, with the 7 Series sedan being one of the most prominent models. 

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The 7 Series ‘High Security’ models are reportedly hand-built in Germany by a team of specialists, with BMW offering training courses to teach drivers defensive and evasive techniques after delivery. 

BMW 7 Series High Security models have been transporting Australian Prime Ministers since 2014, when the Holden Caprice limo was phased out. 

Fitted with the number plate ‘C1’ (short for commonwealth 1), it is understood the Prime Minister’s BMW also features VR7 level protection, and costs upwards of $500,000. 

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